Blue Cypress is pleased to announce that it has completed a strategic investment in TRG Arts, one of the premier arts management consultancy organizations worldwide. The partnership is mutually celebrated by Amith Nagarajan, Chairman of Blue Cypress, and Jill S. Robinson, the CEO of TRG Arts, citing foundational similarities and a shared commitment to growing arts focused organizations and local communities through the arts.

“We are really excited about having TRG Arts in the Blue Cypress Family,” said Nagarajan. “They are disruptors that have the potential for huge, positive impact in the arts community, and that’s the kind of vision we’re always looking for.”

TRG Arts (The Results Group for the Arts) is an international, data-driven agency that has spent the last 25 years consulting with leadership and marketing teams to help them create sustainable organizational models. As an industry pioneer in areas like audience loyalty development, membership, and dynamic pricing, TRG has helped arts organizations of all sizes become more robust and competitive even during difficult circumstances.

One of the most valuable assets that TRG Arts brings to the Blue Cypress family is the passion of its leader, Jill S. Robinson. Guided by her vision, TRG Arts has doubled in size, opened a new location in the United Kingdom, and developed the largest global arts and culture consumer dataset in the industry.

This passion is reflected by Blue Cypress’ own Chairman, who also believes in “the transformative power of arts and culture,” and the capacity for the arts to motivate lasting change for good in both communities and economies. But the real magic of the collaboration is in the potential for TRG and Blue Cypress to cross-pollinate their current service offerings to new markets.

“I’m inspired by Blue Cypress’s enthusiasm about TRG clients, about the arts and cultural sector, about us,” says Robinson. “They offer many exciting opportunities for our growth into new industries, professional development, learning from the other companies in their family, and more.”

The investment in the TRG Arts brand is the most recent in a series of carefully executed investments and acquisitions by Blue Cypress which also include Cimatri, PROPEL,, BrightFind, IMPACT and several others. In each case, the core ideology of Blue Cypress shines through—specifically, a commitment to Conscious Capitalism as a key business principle.

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The Blue Cypress Team

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