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Purpose-Driven Leaders

Blue Cypress exists to serve purpose-driven leaders, helping them crush their goals and maximize impact.

With over a decade working at a national level with purpose-driven leaders in the association, technology, and business communities, we believe that purpose-driven leadership, collaboration, and innovation are the key to making a positive change for good—in businesses, communities, and within individuals. 


To serve purpose-driven leaders, helping them crush their goals and maximize impact.


Purpose gives meaning to our work. It animates an organization, giving it internal energy and timelessness so that it can meaningfully serve society over the long-term. The Blue Cypress Family is focused on effecting change in organizations that are doing good through an organization-wide commitment to their purpose.


We believe that growing leaders is the central way to grow an organization. We believe leadership exists at every level and we are committed to serving employees at every stage in their career.

Crushing Goals and Amplifying Impact

We help organizations accomplish goals that would be inconceivable without the shared flywheel of the Blue Cypress family. By setting lofty goals and providing collaborative support to help leaders reach those goals, we are able to amplify the impact of the entire organization.  

Our Core Values

Progress Over Perfection

Although our final products meet a high standard, we don’t let trivialities keep us from achieving lofty goals. We seek out the simplest possible solution, quickly test each idea, rapidly course correct, and repeat.  

Obsess Over Customers

We never rest on past success and always look for ways to improve the customer experience. We work to understand our companies, eliminate friction, and deliver awesome outcomes for our entrepreneurs

Grow People

Companies only grow if their people are growing. We help team members across our family find the best path for developing their career and lives, and we support them like crazy and foster healthy work-life balance. 


We experiment every day to improve the way we do things. We actively seek out diverse ideas from inside and outside our group. We are unafraid to test, fail, learn, and disrupt—in our business and in our personal growth.


Strategic Marketing

Development and support for holistic marketing campaigns from creative to reporting.

Governance Support

Enhancement of your current governance model to provide better outcomes and work-life balance.

Leadership Training

Mentorship and resources to empower entrepreneurs to grow people and business skills.

Audience Engagement

Identification of your potential growth areas and increased targeting for maximum impact.

Technology Adoption

Selection, implementation and support of key technologies to expand your reach.

Product Innovation

Support, resources, and networking to give you freedom to develop disruptive products and services.


Amith Nagarajan

Amith Nagarajan


Johanna Snider

Johanna Snider

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Lardieri

Michael Lardieri

Chief Financial Officer

 Andrew Schwartz Crane

Andrew Schwartz Crane

Chief Operating Officer

Danielle Danos

Danielle Danos

Staff Accountant

Mallory Mejias

Mallory Mejias

Marketing & Growth Specialist