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Blue Cypress helps innovators at all phases of their growth—from startup and investment to acquisition and long-term nurturing. Wherever your purpose-driven organization is right now, we will create a path for you to achieve the next level of success.

who we invest in

We represent a community of the most disruptive, innovative, and influential entrepreneurs in the purpose-driven business sphere. From thought leaders to those pushing the boundaries of how technology can change the world for the better, our companies are making a lasting positive impact. 

Companies in the Blue Cypress family fall into three distinct business categories:

Strategic Advisory Services

Our advisory services span a growing variety of disciplines. We help our clients look ahead, clearly articulate a compelling long-term vision, and align ideas towards making a lasting impact.

Execution Support

Even the best strategy isn’t worth much without disciplined execution. We provide support like strategic marketing, implementation and adoption of key technologies, and governance programs to ensure our companies get on top and stay there.


Disruptive Technology

We aim to provide our clients with emerging tools that can help change the game by starting, investing in, and acquiring disruptive technology companies that bring fresh new concepts and drive innovative opportunities.

Our FAMILY of companies

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