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The most important thing you need to understand about your culture is where it stands on the continuum of traditional to futurist. Our new book shows you how.... Read more
Published: 06/12/24
Source: PROPEL
Breaking the Vicious Cycle: How AI Transforms Knowledge Management for Associations    The Value of Knowledge in Associations  At the core of every successful association lies a fundamental commitment to creating and sharing knowledge. This knowledge takes many forms, from industry research and best practice guides to educational resources and... Read more
Published: 05/30/24
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The post Can Ineffective Prompt Engineering for AI Be Costly? appeared first on Elastik Teams.... Read more
Published: 05/28/24
Source: Elastik Teams
If you attend any of my presentations, you are likely to hear me assert that Artificial Intelligence is the most transformational technology development in my lifetime.  I’ve been around for a while and witnessed the advent of the personal computer, the internet, social media, big data and now, AI.  Here... Read more
Published: 05/22/24
Source: Cimatri
In the realm of associations and non-profits, managing resources effectively is paramount. These organizations often operate on tight budgets and must maximize their impact with limited funds. As a senior business analyst, I've delved into the research and seen the profound impact that managed IT services can have in this... Read more
Published: 05/17/24
Source: Cimatri
Dive into the world of AI with our beginner's guide for associations. Discover how AI can transform community engagement, streamline operations, and even improve your morning routine. Whether you're new to AI or looking to deepen your knowledge, this blog is your roadmap to integrating smart, innovative solutions into your... Read more
Published: 02/12/24
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Database cleanup and optimization are essential tasks for maintaining the performance and stability of a WordPress site. Over time, your WordPress database can become cluttered with old and unused data, such as spam comments, post revisions, and expired transients. This can slow down your site, increase the size of your... Read more
Published: 10/26/23
Source: Brightfind
Artificial Intelligence is sweeping across all industries, revolutionizing how businesses operate, interact, and deliver value. At Blue Cypress, we believe the potential for AI to amplify associations’ mission and value is immense.... Read more
Published: 10/12/23
Source: Blue Cypress