Artificial Intelligence is sweeping across all industries, revolutionizing how businesses operate, interact, and deliver value. At Blue Cypress, we believe the potential for AI to amplify associations’ mission and value is immense.

Our core purpose is clear: fueling innovation to maximize social sector impact. Our commitment is evident in the range of AI offerings our companies bring to the table, which cater to unique needs of associations. As AI continues to shape our present and future, this will be a living blog, periodically updated with the latest in AI offerings, ensuring associations are always in sync with the most cutting-edge tools available.

Betty: AI-Powered Knowledge Assistant

Betty harnesses the power of AI to bring an association’s wealth of knowledge right to its members’ fingertips. Trained on your unique content, Betty offers an engaging, personalized experience, providing 24/7 access to a trove of information, including industry trends, best practices, and case studies. While similar in user experience to consumer-grade tools like ChatGPT, Betty is very different beneath the surface. Public chatbots use broad training data (large portions of the Internet) to answer questions. Betty only uses your unique and accurate content to respond.

With Betty, your members can effortlessly navigate through your knowledge base, obtaining answers with the assurance it’s from your association’s vetted repository. Betty not only simplifies tasks for members while increasing their confidence in AI, it also fosters more frequent engagement, driving growth and increasing value. AI-Curated Newsletters is not just another newsletter platform. Harnessing AI technology, transforms associations into trusted news resources, curating tailored content that resonates with members’ unique interests. Beyond content, drives member engagement and retention, amplifies website traffic, and even offers avenues for non-dues revenue. While the AI ensures personalized content delivery at scale, associations retain complete editorial control.

With clients including the American Society of Association Executives and the American Marketing Association, is the next generation of membership communication.

Skip by MemberJunction: Transforming Data Analytics & Reporting for Associations

Skip is not just another analytics tool. It’s an AI-assistant that empowers association staff to navigate, interact with, and extract value from their data with zero technical skill. Whether it’s a simple query or a deep analytical dive, Skip is ready. The strength of Skip lies in its real-time conversational interface, similar in power to a human-level analyst with a graduate degree in data science. Skip offers associations insights beyond the questions asked. Skip sits on top of MemberJunction, an open-source Common Data Platform (CDP) for associations, ensuring better, centralized access to data.

Sidecar AI Bootcamps: Personalized AI Training for Every Association

Sidecar delivers specialized AI Bootcamps, tailored to fit both association staff and their members. Beyond just theory, these bootcamps offer hands-on experience and tactical use cases:

  • Private AI Staff Bootcamp: A bespoke training course designed specifically for association teams. This bootcamp equips staff with actionable AI insights, positioning them at the forefront of AI application to maximize organizational efficiency.
  • Member-Facing AI Bootcamp: Sidecar partners with associations to craft a unique AI bootcamp for its members, focusing on industry-specific applications. This offering not only elevates members’ comprehension of AI, but firmly positions the association as a thought leader in AI, adeptly contextualized to their members’ industry.

With its rich legacy in fostering leadership and innovation, Sidecar ensures that associations are primed to navigate the evolving landscape of AI, staying ahead of the curve.

AI Roadmap: Charting a Path for Association AI Adoption – Cimatri

Is your association poised to embrace the AI revolution? With Cimatri’s AI Roadmap, you get a tailored strategy to navigate the AI terrain. From understanding your association’s current dynamics to providing clear AI adoption milestones, this offering ensures that associations transition to AI with clarity and confidence. As part of the consultation, associations establish a clear set of AI priorities ranging from short-term to long-term. Delivered by Cimatri, known for its advanced IT strategy services, this roadmap is not just theoretical but actionable.

AI Change Readiness Assessment: Smooth AI Transitions with a Cultural Lens – Propel

Propel, known for its expertise in creating vibrant workplace cultures, teams up with Cimatri to offer its AI Change Readiness Assessment. This offering is about introspecting and identifying potential cultural barriers to AI adoption. Through a survey and analysis process, associations gain insights into potential roadblocks that might hinder their AI journey. With a blend of Propel’s culture expertise and Cimatri’s technical acumen, associations receive actionable recommendations that account for both the human and technological aspects of change.

What is Blue Cypress? 

Blue Cypress is a united family of companies with an unwavering commitment to Conscious Capitalism. Our mission is to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible for the association and non-profit sectors.

In the ever-evolving AI landscape, Blue Cypress remains committed to bringing the best to the association space. The offerings detailed here are just the beginning. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking AI solutions that promise to reshape the future of associations.