Our family of companies

Founded in 2010, Buzzshift is a full-service growth marketing agency and business consultancy specializing in creating long-term, sustainable growth for start-up, scaling, and industry-leading e-commerce brands.

Sidecar creates the professional development tools leaders need to grow their careers and their purpose-driven membership organizations, like associations and nonprofits. The skills leaders learn within Sidecar’s growing community, interactive workshops, and step-by-step courses drive innovation, empower strategic thinking, and institute cultural changes.

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Cimatri provides strategic consulting services that allow organizations to have more impact through safe and appropriate technology adoption and implementation. Specializing in objective technology assessments, business IT alignment, and virtual talent management, Cimatri works with leaders to align purpose-driven companies with best practices for a digital world.

PROPEL specializes in helping associations achieve culture-driven growth, success, and impact. PROPEL’s nationally-recognized business coaches and advisory team provide actionable strategies that enable associations to integrate culture, strategy, and execution, leading to breakthrough results.

The rasa.io platform solves the problem of information overload and increases membership engagement by using cutting edge AI to personalize email newsletters and deliver relevant news content for every member in an organization.

Tasio uses cutting-edge machine learning techniques to uncover deep patterns in member behavior. By combining state of the art AI with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Tasio helps you use your existing member data to better understand and predict behavior, increase retention, and maximize their membership experience.

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Brightfind is focused on building outstanding websites for associations and not-for-profit organizations. The agency produces innovative and best-in-class websites that enable associations to do more for their constituents. Brightfind provides expertise in web design, user interface and user experience design, CMS implementation, AMS and CRM integration, and more.


Effortlessly collect & share video from your community through this custom Video Relationship Management software.

Educating modern marketers on the potential of AI and connecting them with AI-powered technologies.


Matchbox helps organizations produce online events that foster meaningful conversations. 

This contextual engagement platform empowers organizations to Ask, Capture and Act to personalize the member experience.


Build trust, deepen relationships, and drive revenue through strategically curated content.