We are pleased to announce that Association Success Corporation is now Blue Cypress. Our commitment to providing support for purpose-driven organizations is greatly enhanced by this change.

Why the Change? Inclusion to the Core

Blue Cypress was previously known as Association Success Corporation, and our focus was on the association sector alone. As we have worked with associations and their leaders, we found that there are many other types of organizations that need the services and products that our family of businesses provide. These organizations include other not-for-profit groups, public sector entities, and purpose-driven for-profits. For this reason, we decided to expand our reach to include those categories, broaden our purpose statement, and change the company name. To better capture the foundation of our new brand, we redefined our Core Purpose statement. A Core Purpose is the fundamental belief of an organization—it answers the question “Why do you exist?” At Blue Cypress, our Core Purpose is:

To serve purpose-driven leaders, helping them crush their goals and maximize impact.

We continue our decades-long commitment to the global association sector. At the same time, by focusing on all purpose-driven leaders, we can broaden our reach, clearly communicate our evergreen roots, and underscore our commitment to blue sky thinking and blue ocean strategy.

Evergreen Ideology

We chose Blue Cypress as our brand name to reflect our Evergreen roots. Like the blue cypress tree, we want our future to be “evergreen.” That means longevity in every sense of the word. From the kinds of companies that we invest in to the impact that we hope to enact on the world, building a lasting legacy is the ultimate goal. We want to facilitate lifelong growth for our family of companies, the teams within each company, and the purpose-driven leadership community at large. Some of the services we provide for our family of companies include:

  • Strategic Marketing. Development and support for holistic marketing campaigns from creative to reporting.
  • Leadership Training. Mentorship and resources to empower entrepreneurs to grow people and business skills.
  • Technology Adoption. Selection, implementation and support of key technologies to expand your reach.
  • Governance Support. Enhancement of your current governance model to provide better outcomes and work-life balance.
  • Audience Engagement. Identification of your potential growth areas and increased targeting for maximum impact.
  • Product Innovation. Support, resources, and networking to give you freedom to develop disruptive products and services.

As we support and strengthen our family of companies, we help them unleash their potential and give them the power for greater impact.

Blue Cypress Means Growth

Growth is at the core of our new brand and is the focus of every decision that we make. Blue Cypress grows through three primary methods – organic growth within existing companies, launching new brands, and through acquisition. Each of our companies operates independently. At the same time, we have a common set of tools and resources available to the family that are designed to create scale and efficiency. The autonomy each individual business enjoys is critical to ensure that each business retains its unique strengths, provides deep skills in their particular area of expertise, and is able to continue being entrepreneurial while being part of a larger team. For acquisitions, we look for founder-led companies who want access to financial resources, marketing and scaling experience, better networking, and technologies that our family can uniquely provide. We foster an environment where founders continue the growth of their companies in their own way, but offer mentorship, learning paths, and behind-the-scenes coaching to make sure that they reach their full potential.

The Future of Purpose-Driven Leadership

Our transition to Blue Cypress allows us the freedom to help purpose-driven leaders of all kinds. Our work of uplifting and building the world through Conscious Capitalism is moving forward on a brand new, limitless scale. We invite all leaders who are rooted in purpose to join us. Find out more about how to become a part of the Blue Cypress family here.