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Blue Cypress helps innovators at all phases of their growth—from startup and investment to acquisition and long-term nurturing. Wherever your purpose-driven organization is right now, we will create a path for you to achieve the next level of success.

Our FAMILY of companies

We represent a community of the most disruptive, innovative, and influential entrepreneurs in the purpose-driven business sphere. From thought leaders to those pushing the boundaries of how technology can change the world for the better, our family companies are making a lasting positive impact. 

Our Core Values

Each company in our family is deeply committed to unique Core Values that drive our Conscious Capitalism model.

Progress Over Perfection

Although our final products meet a high standard, we don’t let trivialities keep us from achieving lofty goals. We seek out the simplest possible solution, quickly test each idea, rapidly course correct, and repeat.  

Obsess Over Customers

We never rest on past success and always look for ways to improve the customer experience. We work to understand our companies, eliminate friction, and deliver awesome outcomes for our entrepreneurs

Grow People

Companies only grow if their people are growing. We help team members across our family find the best path for developing their career and lives, and we support them like crazy and foster healthy work-life balance. 


We experiment every day to improve the way we do things. We actively seek out diverse ideas from inside and outside our group. We are unafraid to test, fail, learn, and disrupt—in our business and in our personal growth.

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