About Blue Cypress

At Blue Cypress, we operate as a united family of companies steadfastly committed to the principles of Conscious Capitalism. As a pioneering incubator and accelerator, we’re determined to transform the association and non-profit sector, empowering purpose-driven leaders and organizations to make a positive impact on the world.

From start-ups to growth-stage companies, we provide the support, resources, and infrastructure needed to shape the future. Utilizing advanced technologies, including cutting-edge AI, we enable organizations within our community to redefine their potential and explore uncharted territories in their respective fields.


Fueling Innovation to Maximize Social Sector Impact 

In the age of digital information and AI, it can be challenging to differentiate the truth from misinformation. Blue Cypress leverages technology to empower authentic, trustworthy organizations that strive for positive change.


We collaborate with associations and non-profits, pillars of specialized and trustworthy knowledge, and help them lead and unify us in problem-solving. They are authentic, credible entities, playing a unique role in tackling shared challenges. In a world where authenticity is increasingly valuable, their reliability stands tall.


Our Core Values

Progress Over Perfection

We encourage continuous growth, understanding that progress, not perfection, drives innovation.  

Always Be Curious

We foster a culture of intellectual curiosity, believing it to be the cornerstone of learning and development.

Embrace Change

We welcome change, knowing that it is the catalyst for evolution and improvement.

Own It

We take accountability for our actions, decisions, and outcomes, driving us towards excellence.



Become part of a diverse network of like-minded companies dedicated to making a positive impact.

Tech Enablement

Leverage cutting-edge AI technologies and other advanced tools to drive innovation in your field. 


Operational Support

Gain access to comprehensive back-office services including finance, HR, operations, sales, and marketing.


Secure long-term funding through our evergreen investment strategy, fostering sustainable growth.

Coaching and Mentorship

Benefit from the wisdom of industry veterans and peers to unlock your full potential. 

Joint Ventures

Engage in collaborations within our community to unlock new opportunities and drive mutual growth. 


Amith Nagarajan

Amith Nagarajan


Johanna Snider

Johanna Snider

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Lardieri

Michael Lardieri

Chief Financial Officer

Mallory Mejias

Mallory Mejias

Marketing & Growth Specialist

Danielle Danos

Danielle Danos

Staff Accountant