Five years ago, interacting with your target audience on four or five channels was enough to lock in repeat business. Today, the new bar for omnichannel excellence is resoundingly clear. Across industries, consumers want “more”—more channels, more seamlessness, and a more personalized experience.

Whether B2B customers or association members, there are no exceptions. In fact, the latest figures recommend ten or more channelsdelivered conveniently, 24/7, on any device. The more channels offered, the bigger the gains.

But before trying to breach a bunch of new digital channels, word to the wise—tread lightly! You don’t want to overdo “omni-adoption.” Just like dating, it’s best to take any digital experience transformation one step at a time.

Test and perfect email, social, blogs, paid campaigns, etc. before moving to the next. Start with the channel you’re best at. Consider how (and where) your target audience is and what makes them tick. This slow roll will help you avoid any unfortunate boomerang experiences.


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