The Blue Cypress family of companies continues to grow! We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family of companies – PR 20/20 – a marketing agency with deep expertise in marketing strategy, HubSpot implementation and management, branding, communications, email marketing, and public relations.

Founded in 2005, PR 20/20 was the first ever HubSpot agency partner. Today, PR 20/20 helps companies implement HubSpot and use machine learning to drive efficiency and performance, generate strong leads, and build customer loyalty, leading to an exceptional marketing ROI. The agency works across industries but specializes in manufacturing, professional services, technology, commercial real estate, and insurance companies.  

“PR 20/20’s ability to solve business challenges and drive bottom-line growth for clients using HubSpot and AI-powered technologies is essential to the success of any forward-looking company’s marketing program. The agency’s brand equity and reputation within the HubSpot ecosystem are unmatched. We welcome them to our family of companies and look forward to magnifying their impact,” said Blue Cypress Chairman Amith Nagarajan.

Blue Cypress will provide the resources and support to accelerate PR 20/20’s growth, while also leveraging its talent, processes, services, HubSpot capabilities, and intellectual property to benefit our family of companies and partner network. Blue Cypress is excited to welcome Paul Roetzer, CEO and founder, and his leadership team to the family’s network of leaders. 

“Everything we have done to drive innovation over the last 15-plus years was designed to move the industry forward, create career opportunities for our team, and enhance the value we deliver to clients,” said Roetzer. “The opportunity with Blue Cypress presents a path to advance our mission, while accelerating the agency’s growth and the impact we can make on our clients’ businesses.”

We look forward to working with the PR 20/20 team and their clients. To learn more about PR 20/20 visit