You know better than anyone that it’s difficult to navigate the pace of change with a legacy system that won’t interact with newer technology. Especially if it has grown over time, with multiple vendors “in-breeding” across a convoluted tech stack.

Fact is, most application portfolios are grossly inefficient and unscalable. Being able to react with speed and agility to how your audience wants to be served requires flexible infrastructure. In today’s dynamic environment, minimizing dependencies and limiting exposure to one process, service, or “functional building block” makes a HUGE difference.

The not-so-secret sauce is called “composability –  aka the essence of high-performing organizations that operate at least a year ahead of the competition. The framework powers strategic ventures like decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and is a top C-suite priority in the race to greater agility, resilience, and digital maturity in the turbulent digital world.

So don’t wait! Reaping the benefits involves strategy planning, cultural shifts, and process iterations well before any decisions are made. Start the journey as quickly as possible!


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