Just as we (seemingly) get the pandemic under control, now we’re staring down a 40-year-high inflation rate. And by the looks of it, there’s a real possibility that rising prices and shrinking margins will continue well into 2022.

Yet, aggressive technology spending shows zero signs of slowing. In fact, 78% of organizations are responding to mounting pressures on profitability by accelerating or maintaining digital investments through 2023. Few plan to roll back IT spending, even if inflation persists.

No matter the industry, prioritizing strategic IT investments is critical to resilience. Why? Because it lowers the cost of doing business. By ramping up IT planning and budgeting, you can create more efficient systems, processes, and requirements gathering to stay on the right side of revenue and margin growth.

Accelerating the right IT initiatives allows you to reinvent meaningfully and connect with members in novel ways. For instance, instead of offering something new, you can improve your brand’s content strategy or enhance existing member benefits. Rather than driving up costs, focus on strategic planning and goal setting.

For now, systemic inflation is unlikely. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the impacts of heightened inflation or wait for the next economic crisis. Enhancing your digital products and services today can secure your business resilience tomorrow.


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