Technology doesn’t drive change, it enables it. You start with strategy and work backward towards the tech magic – not the other way around. This is the basic premise of the insights shared last week by purpose-driven leaders in the association, technology, and business communities.

To take advantage of new opportunities and stay on the right side of the digital divide, here are the three core trends highlighted last week and their associated articles:

Trend #1 – Strategy Starts, Tech Follows

Tech innovation is strategic and must be tied to a high-level game plan.

The metaverse, for example, is growing like a weed. Sooner rather than later, it’ll impact how we operate and interact with our audience bases. Same with new e-learning options and emerging software vendors. To compete, we must become proactive, high-conviction organizations. This means continuously assessing and aligning our value streams, key business capabilities, and processes to a larger strategy roadmap.

Start by talking with your team and list out your goals for two and five years down the road. Then you may explore the role of software and new innovations in accomplishing your vision.

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Trend #2 – The Hype of Hyper-Personalization

It’s no longer a question of whether to add elements of personalization to your digital experience. These days, it’s a matter of personalization vs. hyper-personalization.

About a decade ago, using personas together with marketing segmentation was a big step forward. But personas are composites, not real people.

Today, the gold standard for engagement is hyper-personalization. With the unprecedented accessibility and affordability of advanced technologies, organizations are using hyper-personalization to meet user expectations and drive engagement.

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Trend #3 – Proactive Culture Change

The better everyone on your team feels about your organizational culture and what you represent, the better you can serve your audience and community. This kind of proactive culture change starts with awareness and strategy.

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