The digital economy and constant transformation allow innovative minds to develop innovative ways to drive meaningful interactions and community-building. But on the other side of this coin, the complexities of the ever-changing process of digitization and innovation diffusion aren’t so subtle. 

For example, cybercrime, high turnover, and the organizational death spiral of slow adopters are unavoidable challenges. Today, we face an increasingly urgent choice: digitally transform or go bust. 

Organizations that continue to trail behind the curve (aka “Technology Laggards” and “Digital Resistors”) will fizzle out sooner, rather than later. Escaping the inescapable realities of digital business requires us to be champions of research and development. 

By staying on top of the gradual and sudden waves of digital transformations, organizations can continually evolve to power ahead and deliver sustained value long term.

Latest Trends

Here’s what you should know about the current trends, themes, and patterns of transformations:

  • Improved quality of interactions at every digital communication channel and employee experience touchpoint. 
  • Prioritizing proactive social governance, brand security, and transparency allows innovation with guardrails. 
  • Incentivizing group ownership, social inclusion, and shared engagement opportunities.

Latest Research & Insights

The themes mentioned above are backed by the following new, research-backed articles: