We’re living in a winner-take-all world. If you look across industry sectors, you’ll notice a lopsided split of economic power: returns accrue to the top 20% of organizations. The prizewinners may be innovating bolder and automating better. But there are deeper perennial challenges at play.

For one, human capital has become more scarce than financial capital. So human-talent barriers have made it difficult to get the right talent in the roles that matter most. Another problem is getting your tech, processes, and people to move in an elegant, coordinated way.

We see organizations with applications that don’t work, that don’t talk to each other; data that doesn’t work, doesn’t talk to each other; and people that don’t work, don’t talk to each other.

So, what’s the solution to both sets of challenges? How can you get in front of the shifting “disrupt or be disrupted” goalposts? The key to organizational alignment and talent allocation is to drive a clear, distinct culture through your organizational system.