There’s more to the digital workplace than simply giving your team online tools. It requires an overhaul of “hard-wired” culture.

If it has been a while since you’ve revisited your core values and organizational structure, there’s a good chance your existing culture is at odds with the dynamics of digital culture.

Collaboration, innovation, high-quality data, and customer-centricity define this new digital form of culture. And while counterintuitive, humans are at the center.

Truth is, today your employees affect market performance just as much as your customers. So if you want to keep your people happy, you need to make your culture awesome—REALLY quickly.

To shift from looking digital to living digital, you must work towards a more collaborative and healthier work environment. Humanize every touchpoint — for both customers AND employees. If you can master the human side of digital, you’d be surprised how much enthusiasm and creativity you can funnel into your brand.

Here are key insights and strategies to start building your digital culture:

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