Let us not forget that a fool with a tool, still remains a fool – no more, no less. Simply dropping a cool, new tool into your pipeline or automating existing complexities isn’t helpful. All too often, this kind of mindless tooling unleashes an arsenal of “crap at the speed of light.”

User-centricity isn’t a tools-centric conversation. It’s an attitude thing; a culture thing. And as with anything cultural, it takes a lot more than the 3-6-12 month playbook. In the age of data and personalization, the fruits of your labor can only come from a genuine, human-to-human focus.

We’re not gonna get the same reward if we interact in the same ways with our customers and members sending a boatload of tone-deaf communications and irrelevant digital ads. The real questions are, “What are the underlying irritations? How can I delight each individual at scale?”. It’s our job to make people feel better understood with each passing day.

Tinkering at processes and making our applications faster, easier, and safer are integral layers of the story. The main plot though is one of deep, long-term culture change. It’s about raising the bar on transparency and shifting the way we work, think, and deliver value in the digitally social world. Yeah…let’s try that.

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